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Boho Macrame Wall Tapestry

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About this item

  • Macrame wall hanging circle Diameter: 20"W*28"L
  • Materials:High Quality Cotton 3mm macrame cord and half wood circle. NOT Mounting Hardware Included-Screws/hooks.
  • Design:In a unique and specialized process adds a gorgeous gradient dye to the tapestry and trims the cotton fibers at the bottom, to create that geometry structure form. The color palette of this piece is as follows – it starts with a lovely deep gray dye at the left and then proceeds to run towards a mix sandy-brown at right , which is dyed with a slight gradient, the bottom ends in a deep dark black.
  • MOUNTING: Around macrame tapestry can invisible mounting brackets at the rear side or with wall hooks to install on the wall,That way it hangs stable and secured and will have a lovely 'floating' look.
  • FUNCTION: Macrame wall hanging color perfectly fit in the interior of living room, bedroom, headboard ,kids room and even a cozy café or a studio.also as wedding favors or bohemian themed parties, boho wall decoration, Christmas gifts, Christmas décor ,birthday gift, etc. You'll adore its gorgeous texture and minimalistic beauty, this tapestry is a striking and inspiring piece to any wall.